Here you will find a variety of reviews, stories from students and work done inside our school on Student Brands and what they are celebrating from working with Brand School by Two Bishes.


"I was looking to expand my social media reach and work with someone under 30 who didn’t treat me like an illiterate, I was drawn to the Two Bishes for a look. Bold and gutsy, I quickly recognised in the girls something different: their language was different to a majority business brand speak, their personal approach refreshingly real and they value added to everything they did. What really stood out for me though was their genuineness: no airs or graces, just the plain truth with masses of help…all for free. I attended their twice daily IG lives full of useful and relevant business tips (free), had an IG audit (free), joined Brand School for the training modules and did a Brandstorm on my business. The Brandstorm was practical and real but best of all scalable so I could achieve things after I first mastered others. At all times, the girls remained the same in nature; the only thing different was their sharing increased when I joined BrandSchool. Always available to answer any questions, the girls are like my virtual brand squad. I recommend these Bishes to my all my business associates. "

The Junk Wave - Coach Bayliss

"I found Brand School through Insta and fell in love with what they're all about. I firstly LOVE their Insta Lives and got so much out of it that I signed up with them after just 2 weeks. So far I've done a One on One Brand Storm with Rylee which was amazing! She gave me some clear guidance and motivated for my business future. Will definitely book one in again when I'm ready for the next step. "

Kus Culture

"Home with COVID19 and working on my SM a notification came up that @brandschool was going ‘live’ on Instagram stories... well, well, well let’s check these chicks out & see what they are up to.... Well I hit gold! Rylee was producing Live Brand Audits right there & then on Instagram. I listened, followed prompts and was enthralled... scheduled it in my diary to tune in for the next free LIVE session that night & the next day. I then decided to bite the bullet and have my insta audited. Time to turn things up a notch, my business was super slow as I could not get out for in- home bookings and things weren’t looking good. I utilized tips & tricks from every audit completed and somehow, I won a bio upgrade prize! My Bio got pimped and the difference was instantly noticeable. My business turned back around and the approachability and methods that this crew talked about had me enthralled. I joined brandschool and started chipping away at the courses. So much to still get my teeth into but there are always innovative ways and ideas popping up from Brandschool. Thanks Rhylee & Rhi, your generosity in the free lives and your brandschool program is huge. You’ve made a hugely positive difference to my brand and helped me pivot my business in covid. The year that never was.. or in my case was a turning point. "

Rays Style Boutique

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